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I must say that I am very impressed by the quality of the work of the indexer, and please convey my thanks to her/him (a comment passed on to a Brill editor)

Brill Academic Publishers

I understand that you compiled the index of the book that my colleague (J. Bomhoff) and I are currently editing: Practice and Theory of Comparative Law (Cambridge University Press). When good work is delivered, I think this should be acknowledged. This was certainly the case here: many thanks for the excellent work you did (Prof. dr. Maurice Adams, Tilburg University)

Tilburg University (Netherlands)

It is so interesting to see one’s work unpacked and reassembled in this way – with someone else’s eye and intellect taking a fresh look but in a sensitive way that does exactly capture it. Very many thanks again. (Prof. Jenny Edkins, Aberystwyth University)

Aberystwyth University (Wales)

You have done a wonderful job with my book! Thanks for the errors you have discovered, and many thanks for the informative and elegant way you have arranged the index. “A good book is to be judged by the index…” my colleague often says. If that is the case, I am the happy author of a good book. (Prof. Tomas Sundnes Drønen, School of Mission & Theology, Global Studies and Religion, Stavanger, Norway)

School of Mission & Theology, Global Studies and Religion, Stavanger (Norway)

We are baffled at the speed with which you have managed to finalise the complete indices…THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (Ingrid Heijckers, Brill editor)

Brill Academic Publishers

My thanks and appreciation for an excellent job indexing my monograph “ Made in Egypt: gendered identity and aspiration on the globalised shop floor” (2016 http://www.berghahnbooks.com/title/ChakravartiMade). I was very pleased to see the sensitivity and thoughtfulness with which the names of my former co-workers have been individually recognised in the index, since they are the central focus of my ethnography (and of my personal memories of my time on the shop floor in Port Said, when I got to know them all so well). So thanks for reflecting this important feature of both my book and the experience on which it is based – and for picking up the typo on Hirsch/e (which had escaped even the copy editing stages!).

School of Oriental and African Studies (London)

He (the author) says thanks for your ‘meticulous work’ (a comment passed on by an editor from Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge University Press

Just to say again how grateful we are for the magnificent job you did for us, and so quickly. We will be recommending you to all our colleagues! (Katrina Forrester, author, Assistent Professor Harvard University)

Harvard University

“The indexer has done a really wonderful job. It’s absolutely excellent.” (a comment passed on by an editor from Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge University Press

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